Smart Winter Dresses 2014-2015 By Rujhan Fabrics | Party Wear New Year Arrivals By Rujhan Fabrics

Rujhan Fabric by Kamran SK is well known women fashion brand that offers different types of fabrics like cotton, swiss voile, soft mix cotton, lawn and many others for both seasons. They are working in fashion industry of Pakistan since 1980. Recently this brand has introduced chicest looks for this winter. We know that nowadays every women who belongs to Rural or Urban are wants new look for every new day. We have brought Exclusive Smart Winter Dresses that are truly ideal party wears. The designers are given little bit formal look and casual look according to the new trend. These dresses are available in long shirts forms that are adorned with fancy embellishments included embroidery, printed sleeves, embroidered laces and borders. Here you will find new designs of necklines. In this new winter catalogue Rujhan Fabric has presents amazing 10 designs with beautiful colors specially for coming new year. Let's have a closer look at complete Party Wear Collection 2014-2015.

Winter Long Shirt Dresses

Smart Winter Outfits For Women

New Colors For Urban Women

Art Style Floral Printed Shirt By Rujhan Fabric

Pink Long Shirt With Velvet Sleeves and Dubatta Having Stunning Neck Design

Pakistani Party Wear Long Shirt Dresses

 Party Wear New Arrivals For Women

 Simple and Elegant Party Occasional Suits

 Beautiful Ever Like-able Colors Yellow And Pink

 New Winter Catalogue 2014 By Rujhan Fabric

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